Friday, May 14, 2010

Promo Day

Promo Day...have you heard of it?

I just found out about this day of promotion for writers about a week ago. This year it will be held tomorrow Saturday, May 15.

Organizer Jo Linsdell says promo day is an all day event for writers to promote, learn and network. Publishers, Editors, PR Experts, Virtual Assistants, Graphic designers etc... are also invited to promote their services and seek out new talent.

Several events take place during the day including:
  • WORKSHOPS Chatroom. Online workshop with experts from the industry.
  • FORUMS. To make things even more international there will be online forums, open all day, where authors can promote their work, readers can ask questions, Publishers can post their guidelines, job listings and more...
  • Bookstore. Books available for purchase by the PROMO Crew (sponsors, workshop hosts and moderators).
All times are in Central European Time so it will need to be converted to your own time zone. Linsdell links to a time zone converter on her site.
So, what do you think? Have any of you ever participated in promo day? Does anyone plan to participate this year?
I will check it out myself and post my thoughts about the day.

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