Friday, May 14, 2010

Guitly or not...cont'd

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OK.....she later returned with her mom to show her. After about a week she called the man back and asked if they could fill in the lake. This makes the man suspicious and he contacts someone in the sheriff's office.

Sheriff''s office shows up to drag the lake to see if there is anything in it. And what do you know....the missing .22 caliber gun is found.

A plan is brewing between the man and the SO and he tells the suspect that in order to fill the lake, they will have to drain it.

Cameras are set up at the lake to catch whatever might happen. What it captures is the woman arriving at the lake with a long pole or stick and walking into the lake poking around at the bottom in search of something.

She was arrested and later convicted for 60 years.

She asked for my help in her injustice. Saying the investigation was done wrong and she is appealing.

So, my question is....what would you do?

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