Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things That Go Bump In The Night

G'day folks! I didn't forget my book this time. Yay me.

But first I need to make mention of Camy Tang's blog today over at Seekerville. If you haven't checked it out yet....go NOW! She is always so informative. She doesn't just talk about galleys..she shows you examples. How cool is that?

Today I'm going to bring you some crazy headllines. This hits home for me, since there is a collection of them where I work. All written by our talented copy desk team:) These however are the work of others:

"Woman Missing Since She Got Lost" (Chicago Sun-Times, 5-17-2011).

"Teen Dies of Shaken Baby Syndrome" (Chicago Tribune, 3-9-2011).

"Man With Clown Nose in New Cumberland Poses No Serious Threat" (Patriot-News, Harrisburg, Pa., 7-3-2011).

Gotta love it.

Now....who doesn't love a good horror, eh? I know I sure do. Today is my last post in the series of genres...lets look at horror.

Dark fantasy: usually less graphic than other horror subcategories and features more traditional supernatural or mythical beings, i.e. vampires, werewolves, zombies etc..

Hauntings: stories of ghosts poltergeists and spiritaul possessions.

Psychological horror: a human monster with horrific but not necissarliy supernatural aspects.

Splatterpunk: very graphic depction of violence, often gratuitous.

Technological horror: monsters in these stories are the result of science gone wrong.

There you have it folks. The different categories within genres. I hope this has been helpful. I'm not exactly sure what my nest series will be about. If there are any suggestions...let me know.

Don't forget to check under your bed tonight ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Footloose and Fancy Free

I didn't really have a good title for this I picked what popped up in my head.

I don't have the book to continue my post for today, so I will have to do it tomorrow. I know, I know, what kind of blogger am I?

So....let me entertain you with a list of some of the dumbest iPhone apps available.

Fat burner app: well if it was that darn easy.....

Stop hair loss

Kissing booth

How high can you toss your AT&T phone...what in the world?

Rate a fart

An app that lets you search for the nearest pay phone in the UK???? Genius

Beer opener


See how long you can hold your finger on a button on the screen


I don't know about you guys, but I sure am glad someone is sitting around all day racking their brains to come up with this stuff.

What's the dumbest app you have ever used?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fantasy Categories

Mary Connealy posted at Seekerville the importance of getting your name out there. She is so right, but sometimes I feel that I'm talking to myself on here.

But alas I will push through and keep entertaining myself.

Weird news of the Day:
A deaf man has accused a nudist park in upstate New York of violating federal law by refusing to provide him with a sign-language interpreter at an annual festival.

Hmmm...interesting. Doesn't seem like he would need much of an interpreter for that...but that's just me.

OK...on to business. Fantasy. Fantasy categories are:

Arthurian: reworking the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Contemporary or urban: elves, magic, etc... incorporated into modern settings.

Dark fantasy: closely related to horror but not as graphic. Characters are like the darker fantasy types: vampires, witches, werewolves, demons, etc.

Fantastic alternate history: set in alternate historical period where magic works and frequently feature actual historical figures.

Game-related fantasy: based on a particular role-playing game.

Heroic fantasy: equivalent to military science fiction, stories of war.

High fantasy: emphasis on fate of entire state or nation.

Historical fantasy: any era in which the belief in fantasy was strong.

Science fantasy: blend of traditional fantasy elements with scientific or pseudo-scientific support.

And next time we will take a look at the last category: Horror. Who doesn't love a good horror?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Science Fiction

Hello, hello, hello. I'm back for another post.

I just love the writers over at Seekerville. They inspire me so much!

But on to some fun and interesting facts. I've got some weird news of the day to share.

Real life British superheroes find crime hard to find.
Two self-styled superheroes – The Dark Spartan and his sidekick The Black Void – have vowed to fight crime and deploy justice to their neighbourhood.

Just when you thought all the good guys were gone.

Sometimes odd news can help with a story idea, not to mention its pretty darn interesting. I once read about a woman who had sat on her toilet for around a year. Never leaving it. Her boyfriend would bring her dinner and everything. How's that for weird. I will be sharing odd news from now on....I think:)

OK, now to continue with genre descriptions, here is science fiction categories.

Hard science fiction: based on real science in the future. Scientific background may be as or more important than the characters.

Social science fiction: focus on how the character reacts to their environment.

Military science fiction: about war that feature traditional military organization and tactics in the future.

Cyberpunk: characters are tough outsiders in a high-tech society where computers have changed the way society functions.

Space Opera: traditional good guys vs. bad guys western. Puts emphasis on sweeping action and larger-than -life characters.

Alternate history: fantasy and sometimes some science fiction elements that changes history.

Steampunk: specific type of alternate history science fiction that is set in Victorian England in which characters have access to twentieth century technology.

New age: deals with subjects such as astrology, psychic phenomena, spiritual healing, UFOs etc...

Science fantasy: blend of traditional fantasy with scientific support.

Science fiction mystery: can be a traditional science fiction story with a mystery as a key plot point.

Science fiction romance: another blend with romance aspects threaded in.

Next up will be fantasy categories. Stay cool everyone. I know I'm trying...but it's not working. 109 degrees today :(