Friday, May 4, 2012

Middle School Drama

Quote of the Day "You're why this day is so great, because you're so beautiful." -Darling 11 y.o. son

   Middle School. Who doesn't remember middle school? I hear from a lot of people that middle school was tough on them. It definitely was for me. I had very few friends and I learned to not trust the ones I did have.
   Like most parents, I always hoped that wouldn't happen to my children. Unfortunately, it has happened to both. My son was bullied physically by the other boys. My daughter is bullied in an emotional and mental way.
   We live in a very small town of 1100 people. That in itself makes it difficult on my children at school. Our town is made up of all the people who have ever lived here and their families. We are not family. We moved here about 10 years ago and have always been treated as outsiders.
   There are only about 12 girls in my daughters class. And like most kids, the girls formed cliques. All but about four of the girls are in the same clique. My daughter is one of those four.
   She is a beautiful, slender girl who participates in cheer leading and had been involved in all the sports. But when one girl decides she doesn't like you, all the girls don't like you.
   This particular incident was over my daughter sticking up for another classmate. A few of the other girls were sexually harassing a boy by way of slapping his behind or telling him he's sexy. He doesn't like it. He has a girlfriend and so my daughter told the offending girls that they shouldn't do that to him because their mutual friend is his girlfriend and it upsets her.
   Well, they didn't take that so well. By the end of the day, those girls had turned all my daughter's friends against her and were threatening her with violence. All over some ridiculous words. She left school that day with only one friend.
   The next day wasn't any better. One of the girls threw my daughter's desk over in class when the teacher had stepped out of the room and threatened to punch her in the face if she looked at her.
   I had enough at this point. I talked to a school official and she said she would talk to the girls. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but when my daughter left school that day, nothing was any better. I found out that the threatening girl had also posted something on facebook about punching my daughter.
   When the girl found out that we knew about it she removed the post. I wish I could believe that the school officials will remedy the situation, but I know better. I had the same problem with my son who was hit and tripped and had things thrown at him and the boy who did it was never punished.
   My heart breaks for my children and I just pray that it will get better. I admit that I have a concern about how bad it can get with all the new technology. I do know that my children's happiness is most important to me and I will not leave them in a situation that could harm their health, happiness or well being.
   Do you have any middle school stories?

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