Friday, April 27, 2012

   I have decided to revamp my blog and add a couple new features. Each week, I'm going to write a blog that I call "My Dramatic Life."
   I will write about the dramatic incidents that happened in my life that week. These incidents are unique and dramatic to me. I have found that I have no shortage of drama in my life and thought I would share for others who might be going through something similar and maybe just for those who might spark a story idea.
   Also, I will write about blessings that I have received and good deeds that someone has done for me.
   I will also write a blog a week on fun topics that I am researching. I do a lot of research that mostly comes from curiosity and I want to share.
   I will be adding a quote of the day...this may be a nice quote or may be a mean one, but it will come from something someone has said to me.
   I will also still be writing a blog about the art of writing as I study and learn more on the craft. I plan to keep weird news of the day as well.
   I am very excited to start this new journey and think it will be very fun. Can't wait to share my experiences with you.
   The first new blog I will be writing is MDL (My Dramatic Life), about my daughter being threatened at school.
   Stay tuned for my next blog about bullies.

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