Saturday, May 12, 2012


Quote of the Day: A news reporter said this speaking about some massive wildfires we had last year."Firefighters are hoping for the worst and preparing for the best." Oh boy.

   Today's post is about the creative archetypes based on Jungian personality types.
   Creatives are observant, experiential and primarily driven by sensation. They are flexible, aesthetically-aware, "here and now" people that, with hardly a moment's notice, will go where their senses lead. They naturally make an effort not to miss an opportunity that may prove to be thrilling, pleasing or otherwise valuable. They have a tendency toward athletics and anything that involves creating or crafting. Possible career matches are:

  • Technical Specialist
  • Police
  • Trainer
  • Church Worker
  • Mechanic
  • Human Resources
  • Project Manager
  • Artist
  • Systems Analyst
  • Child Care
   First up is the Persuader. Persuaders are action-loving, "here and now" realists with excellent people skills. Informal, risk-taking, fast-paced and adaptable, they are not always in agreeance with rules and regulations.Things just seem to happen when they are around. Music starts, lights come one etc..
Famous Persuaders are: James Bond, Bart Simpson and Louie DePalma of Taxi.

   Entertainers are cooperative, people-persons that enjoy excitement and love new adventures. Because of their highly social nature, they are especially lively when they are the center of attention and hate being alone.They are great motivators for getting a job done.

   Famous Entertainers are: Peggy Bundy from Married with Children, Homer Simpson and Tim Taylor from Home Improvement.

   Craftsmen are adventurous and independent.They like to figure out how things work. They have great mechanical and technical skills. They like to keep busy and are action-oriented. They are attracted to motorcycles, airplanes, sky diving, surfing, etc. They do not believe in or follow rules and regulations.

Famous Craftsmen are: Han Solo and Boba Fett from Star Wars and Elvira Hancock from Scarface.

    Artists are artistic, creative, loyal and sensitive. They have a keen appreciation for beauty because of their highly developed senses. They are adaptable, caring, independent and like to contribute to the well-being of others. They are typically hard to get to know.

   Famouse Artists are: Vincent Van Gogh, Larry from Throw Mama From the Train and J.D. from Thelma and Louise.

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