Monday, May 14, 2012


Weird news of the day: 

Hamdi Hafez Al Nubi, Egyptian Thought Dead, Awakes At Funeral. 
LUXOR, Egypt — The funeral of a 28 year-old waiter in southern Egypt turned into a celebration when he woke up after being declared dead.    

    Shoplifter had the boat, stole the fish.
 VERO BEACH, Fla., May 13 (UPI) -- A store security agent in Florida said an alleged shoplifter walked out of a supermarket with an order of fish down his pants and left in a car pulling a boat.

      Man implants magnets to keep iPod at the ready.
 Dave Hurban, a Dynasty Tattoo artist from Newfield, N.J., surgically implanted four magnets into his wrist. Why? Basically, it's a cool (or at least unique) way to hold his iPod Nano in place without a pesky wristband.

   Today's archetypes are the Intellectuals. Intellectuals are introspective, logical and on a constant quest for knowledge. They are practical and unsentimental in their approach to problem solving. Abstract, theoretical and technically adept, they are naturally inventive. 
    Possible jobs are:
  • Psychologist
  • Lawyer/Attorney
  • Judge
  • Computer Programmer
  • Engineer
  • Scientist
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Systems Analyst 

   Chiefs are strategic, organized and possess natural leadership qualities. They are master coordinators that can effectively give direction to groups. They are able to understand complicated organizational situations and quick to develop intelligent solutions. They are outspoken and will not hesitate to speak of their plans for improvement. They are decisive and value knowledge, efficiency and competence. They are born leaders and want to give structure and direction.
   Famous Chiefs are: Indiana Jones, Capt. Jean Luc Picard, Star Trek and Murphy Brown.

 Originators are logical, innovative, curious and downright inventive. They see possibilities for improvement everywhere and possess the ability to understand complex concepts. They are introspective and carefree nonconformists. They often neglect the more common areas of life while pursuing new solutions. They can be good conversationalists and exciting company.
   Famous Originators are: Bugs Bunny,  Dr. Emmett Brown, Back to the Future and Cosmo Kramer, Seinfeld.

    Strategists are introspective, analytical, determined persons with natural leadership ability. Being reserved, they prefer to stay in the background while leading. Strategic, knowledgeable and adaptable,They are talented in bringing ideas from conception to reality. They expect perfection from themselves as well as others and are comfortable with the leadership of another so long as they are competent.
   Famous Strategists are:  Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice, Gandalf, Lord of the Rings and Mr.Burns, The Simpsons.

    Last is the Engineer. Engineers are logical, individualistic, reserved, and very curious individuals. They focus on ideas, theories and the explanation of how things work. They are especially adept at discussions and debate. They have the ability to focus intently on a subject. They appreciate and respect intelligence in others.
   Famous Engineers are:  Data, Star Trek, Abraham Lincoln and Socrates.


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