Friday, May 11, 2012


   I have been contemplating writing a blog this week. I have had a really tough week, most of which was spent crying.
   My daughter continued to be bullied and it utterly broke my heart. She had to sit on a bus for 2 hours while 3 girls behind her called her names relentlessly.
   She was texting me everything that was happening and I couldn't save her. I tried to contact the principal but she wasn't in. As soon as the bus pulled in, I told the four teachers that stepped out of the SUV that followed. I was reassured that it would be handled.
  These girls told my daughter she should go home and cut herself. I had lost it by this point. I went to speak with the principal the next day and was told they were investigating but that my daughter had called one of the girls a name. Its not true, but they believe it and I said it doesn't matter if she did, they told her to harm herself and threatened to punch her in the face over and over again. I hope she did call a name she not supposed to defend herself? They had her in tears and fear of her safety.
   I was told today that the investigation is over and that it was just "girl drama." In what world is being threatened and told you should cut yourself just "girl drama?."
   No one ever spoke to my daughter about the situation, so I don't even know how the investigation could be complete.
   I feel so helpless. Not a single person at the school will help or punish the girls for what they have done. I have even spoken with the superintendent.
   Where do I go from here? She hasn't been to school in 2 days and I can't send her back knowing she will be tormented. Two of the teachers even got mad at her since she was afraid to tell and made a mockery out of her in front of the entire middle school.
   How do you get help when the teachers are bullies too?

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