Thursday, September 1, 2011

Character Questionnaires

Character questionnaires can be a great way to get to know your characters and to add depth. There are so many different types of questionnaires available, that I thought I would share several with you over the next few posts.

I have probably seen a dozen or more different types and have tried them all, from the exhaustive to the very simple. Everyone has a different way to write, so you can take from these or add to them as much as you would like.

I have found that I really enjoy the very in-depth questions with many questions. I have so much fun fleshing out my characters...too much fun. I have had to learn to find out some of the basics...what I think could be important in the beginning because I never get around to writing.

These questions can become a major distraction for me.

But asking the questions is like interviewing a potential new can weed out all the wrong people for the position.

So choose wisely what works best for you and tweak it a little for a perfect fit.

These questionnaires come from my personal collection.

Where does s/he live
Why did s/he choose to live there
Does s/he live in an apartment or a house
Does s/he live by himself or with others
What kind of vehicle does s/he drive
What are his/her important material possessions
Give a brief physical description
What are his/her hobbies
What kind of music does s/he enjoy
Does s/he have pets
What are his/her favorite foods & drinks
What is his/her education
What is his/her job
How does s/he feel about his work
What does s/he want to be doing in twenty years
Is s/he married, single, divorced
Does s/he have children
Who are his/her parents
Does s/he have brothers and sisters
Where was s/he born and raised
Who is his/her best friend
Who is his/her worst enemy
Which one event in his/her life has made this person what s/he is today
What trait does s/he have which s/he wants to keep secret from the world
What does s/he like most about his/her life
What does s/he dislike most about his/her life
What is his/her most likable character trait
Who is this person’s love interest

This is a handy list but there are still other questions that I will bring you in futrue posts as we get more in depth with our characters.

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