Thursday, August 4, 2011

Science Fiction

Hello, hello, hello. I'm back for another post.

I just love the writers over at Seekerville. They inspire me so much!

But on to some fun and interesting facts. I've got some weird news of the day to share.

Real life British superheroes find crime hard to find.
Two self-styled superheroes – The Dark Spartan and his sidekick The Black Void – have vowed to fight crime and deploy justice to their neighbourhood.

Just when you thought all the good guys were gone.

Sometimes odd news can help with a story idea, not to mention its pretty darn interesting. I once read about a woman who had sat on her toilet for around a year. Never leaving it. Her boyfriend would bring her dinner and everything. How's that for weird. I will be sharing odd news from now on....I think:)

OK, now to continue with genre descriptions, here is science fiction categories.

Hard science fiction: based on real science in the future. Scientific background may be as or more important than the characters.

Social science fiction: focus on how the character reacts to their environment.

Military science fiction: about war that feature traditional military organization and tactics in the future.

Cyberpunk: characters are tough outsiders in a high-tech society where computers have changed the way society functions.

Space Opera: traditional good guys vs. bad guys western. Puts emphasis on sweeping action and larger-than -life characters.

Alternate history: fantasy and sometimes some science fiction elements that changes history.

Steampunk: specific type of alternate history science fiction that is set in Victorian England in which characters have access to twentieth century technology.

New age: deals with subjects such as astrology, psychic phenomena, spiritual healing, UFOs etc...

Science fantasy: blend of traditional fantasy with scientific support.

Science fiction mystery: can be a traditional science fiction story with a mystery as a key plot point.

Science fiction romance: another blend with romance aspects threaded in.

Next up will be fantasy categories. Stay cool everyone. I know I'm trying...but it's not working. 109 degrees today :(

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