Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alright, continuing from last time, lets look at romance subcategories.

Category or series: These are published in “lines” from individual publishing houses. Each has its own requirements.

Christian: With an inspirational, Christian message centering around faith and relationship with God. Sensuality is played down.

Glitz: Feature wealthy, high-powered characters in careers considered to be glamorous and set in exciting or exotic locals.

Historical: Can cover any historical period.
Gothic: Strong element of suspense and feeling of supernatural events although these events usually have a natural explanation. Dark, moody, and suspenseful.
Fantasy: elements of magic and magical beings, frequently set in a medieval society.
Early American: Usually Revolution or Civil War, set in New England or the South, but frontier stories set in the American West are popular.
Native American: One or both of the characters are Native American; conflict between cultures is a popular theme.
Regency: set in England during the Regency period from 1811-1820.

Multicultural: Most currently feature African-American or Hispanic couples.

Paranormal: Containing elements of the supernatural or science fiction/fantasy.

Romantic comedy: Has a comic premise or perspective in the author’s voice.

Romantic suspense: mystery or psychological thriller subplot in addition to romance.

Single title: longer contemporaries that do not necessarily conform to the requirements of a specific romance line and therefore feature more complex plots and nontraditional characters.

Young adult: focus on first love with very little, if any sex.

Next we will take a look at Science Fiction categories.

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