Friday, June 4, 2010

Top 10 Mistakes Mega List

Today I want to share a couple of lists I have acquired over the years of the common mistakes of new writers.

I don't remember where they came from and they probably repeat, but there is helpful info here.

List #1 Career Mistakes
10) Stop sitting around and dreaming about writing and WRITE!
9) Let your agent handle the business for you.
8) Don't be a "I know everything" kind of writer.
7) Don't put down other successful writers.
6) Network and connect with others even before being published.
5) Don't let your emotions throw you off course...keep your eye on the prize.
4) Stick to one genre.
3) Becoming rich isn't a reality.
2) Contracts can fall prepared.
1) The publishing industry is very s-l-o-w. Be patient and wait on the Lord.

List #2 Manuscript Mistakes
10) Using POV in the wrong way.
9) Not enough character emotions.
8) A weak opening line.
7) Having no external goals.
6) Episodic writing....keep the plot moving forward.
5) Too much narrative.
4) Lacking conflict and tension....conflict or tension should be on every single page.
3) Amateur writing....use of adverbs, exclamation points and too many dialogue tags.
2) Too many cliches.
1) Impatience.

List #3 Writing Mistakes
10) Commas.
9) Awkward phrasing.
8) Show don't tell.
7) Listing things.
6) 'To be' words.
5) No-good suffixes.....don't ruin a good word by tacking on a new backside so it is now a new word...i.e characterlessness.
4) Phony dialogue...don't talk about things the reader already knows.
3) Adverbs.
2) Filler writing to just fill the pages and make your count.
1) Repeating words too often.

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  1. The beauty of publishing, ah, LATER in life is you learn from others mistakes. Great lists, Jennifer.