Friday, June 4, 2010

Free Friday

I was thinking about dedicating a day to just ramblings and possibly rants and whatever I want to share that doesn't deal with the writing world.

And I think I will make that day Friday.

Today is Friday and although I already posted on writing today, I thought I would start my first Free Friday today as well.

Over the past week, school ended for the kids, a baseball game was rained out and my computer got some kind of major-super-mutant-type virus. And guess what????

It ate everything in it except our photos!!! EVERYTHING! And to make things worse....I really don't know if I should confess such a thing.....But........I didn't have any of my manuscripts backed up!

You're right....what WAS I thinking? I have no answer for you. Nothing. So, I was quite bummed about loosing all my work so far. Tons of research also.

I mourned the loss of it all then went out to catch a movie to celebrate the last day of school. (We watched Shrek 4 btw and I really liked it.)

We contacted Best Buy and they told my hubby that it would cost $200 for them to attempt to fix it........ouch!

I just decided to give up on it. Forget it....why was I trying to be a writer anyway. It's all gone. Too much work to start over...maybe one day I will be able to gather enough strength to go at it again....Yeah almost enough whine to make someone lose their lunch.

While I was at work 3 days later, hubby, on a whim, thought he'd just try something. Couldn't hurt right, I mean what more could be done?

It worked! I got my computer back to normal, all my documents and files, everything! I'm so lucky and blessed and my husband is so awesome!

So, moral of the story is to back up your stuff people! Not that you need to be told, I'm sure....but in any case don't be like me! Back that thing up people, back it up!

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